Tier 5 Temporary

Tier 5 visa category is made up of further two categories:

  • Youth Mobility Scheme;
  • Temporary Workers.

Youth Mobility Scheme offers a two year visa and is aimed at young persons aged from 18 to 31 from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Monaco, Taiwan, Honk Kong and South Korea and British nationals who are not British citizens.

Temporary worker category is intended for cultural, charitable, religious or international objectives and included volunteering and job shadowing. There is no English language requirement, but maintenance requirements apply. The maximum length of stay is from 6 to 24 months in the UK.

The further five categories are as follows:

  • Creative and sporting;
  • Government authorised exchange;
  • Charity workers;
  • Religious workers;
  • International agreement.

Sporting category is aimed at internationally established sportsmen at the highest level and who will make a significant contribution to the particular sport in the UK.

Creative category applies for sponsors operating in dance, theatre and film & television and recruiting temporary workers in the categories of the creative sector.

Charity worker category is only intended for voluntary activity and not paid employment.

Religious worker category enables religious orders to bring religious workers in the UK. The religious orders need to satisfy the Home Office that they are a registered religious institution, are the structure for a faith-based community with a common system of belief and spiritual goals, codes of behaviour and religious practice, and do not exclude from its community on the basis of gender, nationality or ethnicity. It further needs to demonstrate  that the financial and material support is received on a voluntary basis only and there is no promise or coercion exercised by the religious order. The religious order must not breach or encourage others to breach the law in the UK and must not operate against the public interest and have a detrimental effect on personal or family life in the UK.

Government authorised exchange is a specified list of authorised schemes and it is intended to share knowledge, experience and best practice. The maximum leave for applicants is usually granted for the maximum of 12 or 24 months. It is normally administered by an overarching body and this body must have the sponsor licence.

International agreement category covers individuals who come to the UK provide services under the contract covered by international law, such as:

  • the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) or similar agreements between the UK and another country – permits entry up to the maximum of 24 months;
  • Employees of overseas governments and international organisations – initially, permits entry up to 24 months with a possible extension of 12 months at a time up to a total maximum of 72 months;
  • Private servants in diplomatic households, or households or employees of international organisations – initially, permits entry up to 24 months with a possible extension of 12 months at a time up to a total maximum of 72 months.

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