Tier 2 General, Intra-Company Transfer, Sportsperson and Minister of Religion

Tier 2 visa category is made up of several categories, such as:

  • General applicable to skilled workers;
  • Intra-Company transfer;
  • Sportsperson;
  • Minister of Religion.

General category applies to skilled workforce if it is not possible to fill in the available jobs with the local workforce or EEA/Swiss nationals. A quota to skilled labour force applies and resident labour test must be passed prior to recruitment. Labour test does not apply if the employee fills in the shortage occupation. There are maintenance and English language requirements. Settlement is possible under this route if a set of conditions is met.

Intra-Company Transfer is designed for multinationals, which enables them to transfer their existing employees from outside the EEA to the UK. Sub-categories of this route are as follows: long-term staff, short-term staff, graduate trainee and skills transfer.

  • Long-term staff may be transferred to the UK for the maximum of 9 years and the worker’s salary needs to be set at no less than the minimum limit. This route does not lead to the settlement in the UK.
  • Short-term staff is for the skilled staff to be transferred to the UK if the job cannot be filled with the local workforce or EEA/Swiss nationals. The leave is granted up to 12 months or less and the minimum salary threshold is set.
  • Graduate trainee, this route is designed for the recent graduates as a route to achieve a structured training. The leave is granted up to 12 months and the salary minimum threshold is set.
  • Skills transfer is another route aimed at recent graduates. It permits the recent graduates to learn new skills while in the UK. The leave is granted for up to six months and a minimum salary threshold is set.

Sportsperson category applies to sports’ professionals who are established at the highest level internationally. The employer must demonstrate that the applicant is qualified to do the job, intends to live in the UK, has been endorsed by their governing body in the specific category of sports. English language requirement is set at A1.

Minister of Religion category applies to ministers of religion who intend to undertake preaching and pastoral work, missionaries or members of religious orders. English language requirement is set at B2 as a minimum. The applicant needs to be qualified for the job in question, has to intend to live in the UK and comply with UK immigration requirements. This category currently leads to settlement.


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