Visitor Visa Categories

Currently, there are four visitor visa categories. As a visitor it is extremely important to choose the correct visa option that matches the purpose of the visit. An incorrectly chosen option may result in a deportation order and violate UK immigration rules, which creates a poor visitor record and future visit applications in the UK may be rejected on this basis.

The four eligible visitor visa categories are as follows:

  1. Standard (up to 6 months) visa permits to enter for the purposes of:
    • private medical treatment (possible to extend the visa up to 11 months);
    • as an academic conducting permitted activities (up to 12 months);
    • under the Approved Destination Status Agreement, which applies for Chinese nationals (up to 30 days);
  2. Marriage/civil partnership (up to 6 months);
  3. Permitted paid engagement (up to 1 month);
  4. Transit (up to 48 hours).

A bespoke eligibility and suitability criteria apply to the visitors applying under each of these categories. Each applicant has to demonstrate their intention to return to their existing country of residence following their visit to the UK.


Saule Voluckyte
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