Family Members of British Nationals

Appendix FM is a piece of rules and legislation applicable to British nationals and their family members who are foreign nationals (non-EEA/Swiss).

There are four categories of family members in this category that may be granted the leave to enter or leave to remain in the UK:

  • a partner;
  • a parent;
  • a child;
  • an adult dependent relative.

If the required conditions of such applications are met then the family members of the British nationals are granted the leave to enter or the leave to remain in the UK.

For each of the immigration categories it is mandatory to demonstrate:

  • suitability;
  • the relationship requirements, which are specific for each of the categories;
  • financial requirements, such as the minimum income, adequate maintenance and adequate accommodation;
  • English language requirement;
  • relevant immigration status when switching in country.
Saule Voluckyte
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