Family Members and Dependants

The family members of EEA/Swiss nationals are the ones who are either fully supported by the EEA/Swiss national or the family members who are non-EEA/Swiss nationals.

Historically, “family member” of an EEA/Swiss national has a much more generous meaning than under the rules that apply to the British nationals in the UK. Traditionally, British nationals that were exercising their EU free movement rights within the EU, would seek to protect their family member who are non-EEA/Swiss nationals under this route when re-entering the UK.

Under this category residence permit is issued to the family members, which allows them to live and work in the UK and own businesses on the initial entry to the UK.

After five years of the continuous residence in the UK, the family members are entitled to the permanent residence. Again, the EEA/Swiss national has to be the ‘qualifying person’ under the EU law.

Saule Voluckyte
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