British Citizenship and Naturalisation

British citizenship through naturalisation is awarded by discretion and not by right. This matter is considered with a lot of care and attention as the person awarded British citizenship becomes eligible to vote in the national elections and be elected. British citizens are afforded protection when travelling or living overseas.

The applicant has to demonstrate the required level of command of English language, has to pass the Life in the UK test where they demonstrate the knowledge of the UK, its governance and the Constitution, and more importantly the understanding of the British values and the way of life. The person has to demonstrate an impeccable character and demonstrate their capacity to become a good citizen.

The applicant has to be free from the immigration controls at the time of the application, which is achieved when Permanent Residence is granted through EEA/Swiss nationals route or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for nationals not qualifying under EEA/Swiss route.

An applicant becomes eligible to apply for British citizenship through naturalisation after six years of continuous residence in the UK. A person married to a  British national becomes eligible after three years of marriage.

Please note that the requirement to be free of immigration controls is prerequisite before submitting such an application. Applicants are also required to demonstrate that they have not been living outside the UK for more than the permitted number of days.


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