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UK immigration services operate in a fast paced environment. The governing rules change at least twice a year. Some immigration categories may lead to the indefinite leave to remain (or permanent residence for non-EEA/Swiss nationals) and subsequent British citizenship through naturalisation, while other immigration categories will state in advance that this route is not included. Therefore, care needs to be taken when the application is being submitted initially as this would affect your residence status and the rights derived from such status longterm.

Immigration categories that are relevant for global investors, business owners and entrepreneurs and their family members

UK government has constructed several immigration categories that are relevant for global investors, international business owners, entrepreneurs and their family members.  There are three UK immigration categories that are relevant for such persons: 1) Tier 1- Investor visa, 2) Tier 1 – Entrepreneur visa and 3) overseas business representative visa.

Client’s personal circumstances best dictate, which type of immigration category is to be chosen. Therefore, we encourage a discussion with a client about the suitability of each category for the applicant before the immigration application is made as there may be  additional immigration routes open for any individual client.

Establishing UK residence under one of these UK immigration categories may lead to British citizenship, provided stringent criteria and requirements are met and the Home Office grants its discretion to become a British citizen through naturalisation.

SS Family Partners Limited acts as a Family Office, especially for global investors, international business owners, entrepreneurs and their family members as these client need more guidance when settling in the UK, bringing their investments or businesses to the UK. These type of clients will need expertise in UK tax, accountancy services and corporate structures to build their business and investment portfolios in the UK. We are well placed to offer such additional guidance as we offer the integrated service while working very closely with our partner specialist  practices.

Permanent Residence for EEA/Swiss nationals in the UK

Following the Brexit vote a number of long-term resident EU nationals became concerned about their own immigration status. Immigration specialists community actively encourages such individuals and their family members to seek and obtain EEA/Swiss residence certificates or EEA/Swiss Permanent Residence cards. These documents issued to EU nationals certify the legal right to residence in the UK and only issued to individuals that are able to demonstrate that they have acquired such right to residence in the UK by meeting criteria under the EU law: worker, student, self-employed, self-sufficient or retired.

Home Office has rejected a number of applications submitted by EEA/Swiss nationals. Mainly because the required and mandatory documents were not enclosed or applications were filled out incorrectly. By choosing to come to us you are able to reduce such risks of rejection. At SS Family Partners Limited we have a very strong background in EU law.

Citizenship and Naturalisation services

EEA/Swiss nationals are first required to obtain the document certifying permanent residence before they are eligible to apply for British citizenship through naturalisation. The same requirement applies to non-EEA/Swiss nationalsUK permits its passport holders to have more than one citizenship.

Visas for overseas students and children studying in the UK

We also assist applicants in other immigration categories, such as, obtaining visas for overseas students and children studying in the UK. For businesses, we assist in obtaining sponsorship licences that permit employing overseas nationals in the UK and meeting immigration formalities for the workers.

Visitor’s visa categories

There is a large number visitor’s visa categories available to enter the UK. The duration of the visit may be longer or shorter depending on the purpose of the visit. It is impossible to understate how important it is to submit the visa application for the correct visitor visa category. Failure to submit the visa application in accordance with the purpose of the visit, is a sure way to get deported and not be allowed back to the UK for the extended period of time.

Separate immigration regimes for the nationals of Turkey and Croatia

Separate immigration regimes apply to the nationals of Turkey and Croatia.

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