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Brexit: EU Nationals in the UK

Brexit talks started on 19 June 2017. One of the first announcements made was about the immigration rights of the EU nationals in the UK. Under the EU Treaty regime EU nationals in the UK were exempt from UK immigration

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Turkish Nationals in the UK

Turkish nationals in the UK enjoy a separate immigration regime because of the Ankara Agreement.

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6 Facts: Family Members of EEA/Swiss Nationals in the UK

Family members of EEA/Swiss nationals is probably, the most generous category under the UK immigration rules. Here we identify some of the most appealing aspects of this category. 1. The source of EEA/Swiss family members’ rights in the UK EEA/Swiss

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6 Reasons to Apply as an Entrepreneur in the UK

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa route is an invitation to benefit from the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is currently ranked within the top 10 worldwide.

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British Passport and UK Tax

Today, we talk about the implications of the UK tax on a British passport holder. The author of this post is both qualified in UK international taxation and UK immigration law. This is a unique combination. Working in the high net

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6 Advantages to Apply as a Representative of Overseas Business

Non-EU nationals who are investors, entrepreneurs or business owners are restricted to three main categories under which they can apply to enter the UK. These three categories are: Tier 1 Investor; Tier 1 Entrepreneur; Representative of Overseas Business. Here we

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5 Reasons to Apply for British Citizenship

Entrepreneurs wanted

With so many Brits living overseas, currently foregoing their British citizenship in favour of the new citizenship in the EU member states where they found their permanent home, we thought it was important to revisit the advantages the British citizenship

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