How Do We Assist Investor Visa Applicants

Tier 1 Investor visa is an attractive option for the ones who wish to come and live in the UK and possibly to qualify for British citizenship once UK residence requirements are completed.

Basic Requirements

The applicant under Tier 1 Investor visa is not required to speak English, not required to start a business, but is required to invest substantial assets into UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies.

The minimum required investment is from £2 Million, which enables to apply to settle after 5 years of continuous residence in the UK. If the investment is greater, the right to settle permanently in the UK may be achieved more quickly. For instance, the investment of £10 Million makes the investor eligible to complete residence requirements in two years to be able to settle in the UK. The investment of £5 Million commands the eligibility requirement in 3 years of continuous residence.

Advantages of the Investor Visa Route

Tier 1 Investor visa route is an attractive immigration to the UK solution for the wealthy because it is relatively clear and simple provided the mandatory requirements are met.

Common Issues

There are many players in the investor visa market. A number of financial institutions  are actively recruiting investor visa prospects. However, the underlying issue is that not all solutions currently offered on the market lead to smooth settlement in the UK.

Common issues are inadequate asset class allocation by the financial institutions and deliberate circumvention of the mandatory legal requirements.

Why We Offer this Service

Our professional background is working with high net worth individuals and their families. We are the professional advisers on the matters of wealth, asset protection and family and business investments.

A number of our clients turned to us when it was way too late in the process to intervene and offer professional services. Therefore, we decided to offer this service ourselves in order to offer them guidance and insight to complete mandatory requirements in the successful manner that leads to permanent settlement in the UK and possibly British citizenship.

Should you be looking to successfully process your own application or for the members of your family, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or phone +44 (0)203 286 4887.

I am the single point of contact for ultra and high net worth individuals who need to develop their global wealth strategy, which aligns with their personal vision, their business and investment goals and then meets regulatory, legal and compliance requirements. I help them navigate the applicable regulatory and legal framework and tailor bespoke and comprehensive approach across UK immigration law, global financial structuring and tax advice, set up, administer and review their trust, business and fiduciary structures and benefit with cost effective foreign currency conversions. As their trusted adviser, I preserve the integrity of their global vision and keep their personal and business matters private and protected; while they build, grow and expand their wealth worldwide.

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