5 Reasons to Apply for British Citizenship

With so many Brits living overseas, currently foregoing their British citizenship in favour of the new citizenship in the EU member states where they found their permanent home, we thought it was important to revisit the advantages the British citizenship offers.

Here is the summary of why we think British citizenship is important for overseas people living in the UK, including the EU nationals.

1. The Royal Seal of Acceptance

Everybody involved in the process understands that an application for British citizenship is not a light-hearted process. An individual concerned may need to wait a number of years before they, finally, become eligible to apply for British citizenship.

Therefore, the successful application for the British citizenship is treated as the Royal Seal of Acceptance or some go as far  as to say, that this was a personal invitation received from Her Majesty the Queen to live in this country, benefit and make it prosperous.

2. The Unrestricted Right to Enter the UK

Permanent Residence for EU nationals and Indefinite Leave to Remain issued to non-EU nationals terminates after two years when the person leaves the UK to live elsewhere, while the British citizenship guarantees the right to re-enter the UK on the permanent basis.

3. The Third Strongest Passport in the World

The UK passport is still being featured as the third strongest passport in the world. This translates into the ability to travel to 157 independent countries visa free. The UK is outranked by Germany and Singapore (visa free travel to 159 countries) and Sweden (visa free travel to 158 countries).

4. The Right to Vote in the National Elections and Referendums

One of the reasons why obtaining British citizenship is not that straightforward is because the persons applying for the citizenship are carefully vetted. This person is about to receive the right to vote in the national elections and stand to be elected for a public office. The person will have the right to shape the politics and its political climate in the country.

EU nationals who have the right to participate in the political life on the municipal level and vote in the European Parliament elections saw their rights short-lived when they saw they could not have their say in the latest referendum. They felt personally devastated about the result and no longer so confident about their status in the UK.

5. The Recognition in the Commonwealth

As one starts exploring the world map, one notices vast territories where Her Majesty the Queen to this very day is considered the Head of State.

Your newly acquired status  follows you safely to the territories that were traditionally viewed as belonging to the British Empire.

The UK continues to hold the indisputable status of the global power.

Should you require any information, please feel free contacting us and discussing your options. You may e-mail: saule@hnilondon.co.uk or call on 0203 286 4887.

Please note that only the individuals who already hold permanent residence are settled or hold indefinite leave to remain may be eligible to apply for British citizenship.

My passion is international trade and investment. I have been specialising in global strategies for wealth creation and protection for the last ten years. I am a public accountant and a regulated UK immigration services adviser. I have personally benefitted from EU freedoms and served as a specialist adviser for a national government.

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