EU Nationals in the UK – “Perhaps, we are more European?”


Following the result of the Referendum on EU Membership in the UK, many EU (EEA/Swiss) nationals found themselves uneasy. Some of them felt unwelcome, while others decided to take the necessary steps and prove that they are the qualifying EU nationals under the EU law and apply for permanent residence in the UK.

On the 25th March, 2017, Lithuanian Embassy in London held a forum on European Unity and reminded everybody how the European Union came about and its ideals. What are the common European values? Why the European Unity is required? What it really means to be a true European?

“Perhaps, we feel more European than our political allies in the UK?”

We were a proud sponsor of this forum. The event focused on the ideas of unity and shared  European values during the turbulent times and celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

We were featured in Lithuanian press during the last couple of days. Here we summarise some of the concerns raised and asked by the journalists based on their readers’ concerns:

1. Is the right to permanent residence of EU nationals in the UK automatic?

Our answer:

The right to permanent residence of the EU national in the UK is automatic, provided the conditions and criteria applied to such an EU national are met.

However, EU nationals are under the obligation to prove that they are the qualifying individuals to the Home Office in the UK. Home Office issues the document certifying permanent residence in the UK.

2. How do you apply for Permanent Residence in the UK?

Our answer

EU nationals have to consult a regulated UK immigration services adviser prior to submitting their application to the Home Office in order to minimise their chances of their applications being reject.

The relevant form is available on the government website, as well as, there is a procedure to apply online.

3. Is the document certifying permanent residence in the UK sufficient to protect the rights of the EU nationals in the UK longterm?

Our answer

Yes, it is. Provided the individual does not leave the UK to live overseas longterm, which is 2 consecutive years or more.

Once you leave the UK for this period of time, you will have to gain access to the UK under the new regime. At the moment, no one is capable of predicting how the rules after Brexit are going to work in the future.

4. Brexit negotiations: are they going to be easy and whether they will complete in 2 years time after Article 50 is triggered?

Our answer:

International negotiations are never easy and do take time.

We also sought some guidance from the comments of the representative of the European Commission who was one of the speakers at the forum:

A representative of the European Commission stated that the UK would have to complete the negotiations in 2 years time after Article 50 is triggered.

There is a possibility to seek an extension. However, if the there is no extension granted, the UK might have to leave with no EU deal.

More information and resources:

If you can read Lithuanian (or would like to test ‘google translate’) or are interested in the latest coverage we received, here are the relevant links:

We are absolutely delighted to serve as the port of peace and knowledge and being able to communicate confidence and reassure effectively in these turbulent times.

Please feel free to contact us on or 0203 286 4887.

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